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Cary Galbraith

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  I am an oil painter. working from the academic tradition of painting from life. It is better for me. It is a way to see deeper, in other words, to understand the three dimentional form and the effect that light has on it. I feel the essence of the subject is more evident. It has atmosphere and energy that comes through, therefore, the viewer is compelled to stay and gaze at it for a while.

  I focus on contrast in my paintings. It’s exciting and the energy is high and compelling. However, I have learned to take time and look, before mark making with a brush. It helps to step back and solution orient myself before taking action. Slow down and focus. 

  I practice plein air painting. It is demanding and time pressed.  After taking my best stab at it, I return to the studio to complete the work.  I have been commissioned to paint portraits, and I will engage with you on any ideas and concepts you may have for a painting. My pieces have been helpful and treasured by many.

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