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Barbara Moore Fine Art Gallery offers fine works in the tradition of the Brandywine.... artworks by the Wyeths and area artists including Paul (Skip) Scarborough, Frolic Weymouth, Peter Sculthorpe, Tom Acosta, Rachel Altschuler , Linda Barr, Jacalyn Beam, Glenn E. Blue, Richard Bollinger, Patricia J. Brandt, Mark R. Brockman, Martha Fenoglio, Helena Van Emmerik-Finn, Ray Hendershot, Virginia Ann Holt, Neal Hughes, Joe A. Jacobs, Kathleen B. Logue, Judith Mccabe Jarvis, Victoria Mcneil Levine, Carol D. Mangano, Linda Mcneil, Shah Morovati, Susan B. Myers, Barbara Neville, T. A. Newnam, Ron Orlando, Dennis K. Park, R. S. Porter, Don Rankin, Jim Ross, Cheryl Decker-Sauder, Don Shoffner, Susan Sponenberg, Robert Stack, J. M. Standish, K. G. Stier, Richard Schwartzman, Barbara Tlush, Karen Trimble, Timothy Wadsworth, Steven J. White, John Wilkison, Katy Winters, Alice G. Woodward and more ...

Christmas Mini 2018 Paul SMALL
Beacon of Refuge Richard Bollinger print
lilly pond Scarborough web
The_Wind_James_Jamie_Wyeth_print_girls w
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