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Judith McCabe Jarvis

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Sunday Driver thumb.jpg

  Throughout her decades-spanning professional career in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Judith McCabe Jarvis has established herself as one the region’s foremost painterly realists, depicting the familiar subject matter of the landscape through abstracted lens.

Having developed her craft since early childhood, she graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a BFA in Painting, spending 5 months of her education studying the Masters in Rome, Italy.

  Inspired by color and the environmental diversity of the area surround her home, she enjoys high intensity hues in the most unexpected places on her canvas and feels especially rewarded while plein air painting. Challenged by nature – picking bugs off the canvas, wresting high winds and a boiling sun—plein air allows her to connect both creatively and physically to her subject.

  Not limited to the land, however, she is also a student of still life. Attracted to the glistening reflections of bottles and glass, theintimate beauty of a tea cup and the organic beauty of fruits and vegetables, still life offers its own challenges—negotiating the light, subject and perspective all within her quiet of her studio.

  Whether it be the rolling hills of the Brandywine Valley or the delicate grouping of gin bottles, Judith McCabe Jarvis’s art aims t capture and slow the viewer so they might look at a small slice of life and see something more, whether it be wit, beauty or moody light.

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