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Kathleen B. Logue

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Kathleen B. Logue statement:

  Residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania I have blended my love of painting and nature through the medium of Porcelain painting. My interest in nature and wildlife developed as a young girl through participating in Girl Scouts.  My paintings are crafted to give the viewer the impression of life and not a photographic image. Nature provides a vast source of inspiration and Porcelain art allows me to share my impressions with others.

  I received my B.F.A. and Art Education degree from Rosemont College. I have taught painting classes at the Main Line Center of the Arts, Wallingford Community Art Center and Rosemont College.  Presently, I teach classes at my home in Lincoln University, Chester County. My students and i enjoy creating wall art as well as three-dimensional pieces on porcelain.   

  I have displayed my work in galleries and invitational shows including the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg PA, Immaculata University, Yellow Springs and Hagley Museum. I continue to exhibit, teach and accept commissions.  


  Porcelain painting is an ancient Chinese art, arriving in Europe before the 17th century  Porcelain is the hardest of the ceramics, long prized for its strength and beauty. It is available in an almost limitless variety of shapes including tiles, vases, plates etc.  Using an oil-based paint, the artist applies a layer of paint which is then bound to the porcelain when fired in a a kiln at 1300 degrees. The artist continues to apply a layer of paint (glaze) and fires the piece until the desired effect is achieved. Each piece has been worked and fired numerous times. Once fired, you are unable to lighten an area or color thus making painting with overglaze a very challenging art.

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