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Linda McNeil

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   An artist sensitive to details, Linda McNeil creates her artwork with a realistic or graphic style that is very crisp and/or detailed. Her works range in size from 1”x1” to larger sheets (32x40).  The miniatures and larger works have a unique appeal in the presentation of farm scene, a wildlife sketch, or a winter snow or summer scene.  She is frequently inspired to create the natural beauty in miniature and to recreate nostalgic glimpses of history through the buildings and landscapes in historic areas.

   In 2017 Linda was honored to become a signature member of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Engravers. The society is one of the oldest miniature groups in the U.S.. It is second only to the royal miniature society in London. Linda has exhibited her work in national and international juried shows throughout the country. and overseas.

   The artist says, “I like to anticipate the magical happenings between myself and my artwork. I never get bored, because I know that I will never be able to recreate all the subconscious visions and interpretations that I have stored away in my mind.  Creating works of art is poetic.  The creativity that I can have by manipulating brushes, engraving tools, various types of plates and color variations makes each work of art seem like a “happy accident”.  These “happenings” will preserve for the future treasures of present and past.”

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Example of Linda's Miniatures from past exhibitions.

Copper plates used to create Linda's hand colored etchings.

A video by Linda McNeil can be seen on YouTube.

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