Linda McNeil

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Christmas in Miniature Art 2021
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   I like to travel throughout the local countryside. While traveling the back-roads of the area I take quantities of photographs to capture the entrancing scenes and shadows that confront me. I then return home to start preserving the qualities of nature in my artwork. On many occasions I may return to the original site to sketch and refine my drawings before starting the painting. For the most part I strive for accuracy in my scenes; however, I also create mystical scenes of my own from my imagination combining what I liked best from several locations.

  Having traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad, I like to paint scenes from other areas. Vermont and New England has recently been an area that has captured my heart. Many summers have been spent in the New England vicinity providing me with many vibrant scenes. The local buildings and historic sights as well as the flowers are ever ending in their splendor.

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Example of Linda's Miniatures in this exhibition.

A video by Linda McNeil can be seen on YouTube.