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"Beyond the MARRIAGE Bed: My Years as Friend, Model and Confidante of Andrew Wyeth"

by Helen Murray Sipala
Edited by Bruce E. Mowday & Simsun Greco


  For two decades famed artist Andrew Wyeth forged a special relationship with neighbors Helen and George Sipala. The couple was a special part of Andrew’s world and their home, Painter’s Folly, became a home-away-from-home refuge for Andrew and also a studio.


  Andrew included the couple in many of his special events, from art openings in New York City to a movie preview with Charlton Heston. Helen and George hosted Christmas parties for Andrew and Andrew invited the couple to spend time with him in Maine during summers.


  Besides being a friend, hostess and model for Andrew, Helen was a confident of the painter. Helen and Andrew spent many hours discussing painting, family, religion and other sensitive subjects.


  Andrew suggested that Helen keep a diary of their meetings and talks. He hoped Helen “was writing all this down.” If Helen was to share their relationship, Andrew wanted her to not make his stories “sweet” but to “put an edge to it.”


  Beyond the MARRIAGE Bed is the sweet and not too sweet chronicle of the relationship among Andrew Wyeth and Helen and George Sipala.


hardback - 208 pages

8.5" x 11" - 1.7 pounds


Beyond the MARRIAGE Bed

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