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The Wyeth and Wythe Families of America

Seven Generations of the Descendants of Nicholas Wyeth


Compiled and Written by Christina Wyeth Baker


Based on the Research of Jeffrey Micheal Wyeth and Christina Wyeth Baker


Foreword by James Browning “Jamie” Wyeth


  The Wyeth / Wythe family is American history in action. The family has been on the forefront of the American story since Nicholas Wyeth came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony around the time of the Great Migration. They struggled through King Philip’s War, suffered cruelly in the Salem Witch Trials, protested taxation without representation in the Boston Tea Party, marched as minutemen on the first day of the American Revolution, served in General George Washington’s Continental Army, and battled for both the North and the South in the Civil War.


  The Wyeth and Wythe Families of America contains over 40 years of research on the first seven generations of the American descendants of Nicholas Wyeth. It carries the family to the years just after the War Between the States.


  The book took over nine years to compile, verify and write and is enhanced with numerous photographs and documents provided by over 100 individuals and organizations. It is divided into two sections and includes endnotes, a bibliography and a name index.


  The first section of the book includes the Wyeth / Wythe family beginnings in the English countryside when Nicholas Wyeth was baptized on 20 Jan 1600 in Saxtead, England; theories for the connection of Declaration of Independence signer George Wythe to Nicholas Wyeth; Nicholas’ emigration from Saxtead, England to Cambridge, Massachusetts; Nicholas’ wife, Rebecca, the ancestress of almost everyone in the book, and her children who were accused of witchcraft; the heroism and sacrifice of individual family members in conflicts from King Philip’s War to the Philippine-American War; and a history of the bigamy charge brought against one of Cambridge’s most affluent Wyeths. There is even a chart in the book to help descendants of Nicholas Wyeth calculate their relationship to the legendary artists NC, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth.


  The second section of the book uses the register numbering format to name and give statistics for the descendants of Nicholas Wyeth from his children to his fifth great grandchildren.


Publisher: Heritage Books

Paperback : 558 pages

Dimensions : 8.5 x 1.2 x 11 inches

Item Weight : 1.6 pounds



The Wyeth and Wythe Families of America

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