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Tom Newnam

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A Touch of Splender  flamingo painting a

  Tom Newnam is a former social worker who in the mid 1980s suddenly experienced a life changing epiphany.  In his latest book: "TRY SOFTER" (Bluewater publishing) Tom relates how, why and when he quit his secure job as a probation officer, got divorced, and threw himself 100% into learning how to paint with watercolors. As Mr. Newnam recounts: "There came a moment of soulful clarity, wherein I realized that in order to become my most authentic self and fulfill my highest purpose, I would have to totally follow my heart. And to my complete surprise at that time, my heart was revealing that I was meant to become an artist.   Even though at that time I knew nothing about painting!"

  So with the help of one great mentor, a few art books, and the support of many friends, Tom changed his life and completely immersed himself into learning how to use watercolors. Gradually, persistently, and with total dedication, in spite of many years of stressful challenges, Tom was eventually able to establish a successful and rewarding painting career. One that now spans four decades.

  Over the years, Mr. Newnam's primarily outlet for his paintings has been in the Chadds Ford - now Barbara Noble-Moore - Gallery. Tom is more than happy to share with everyone his deepest respect and gratitude to all of his friends affiliated with those wonderful galleries.

  Tom's work has earned him both high praise and popularity in many parts of the country, but especially in the Brandywine Valley where he has done commissions for many people, and participated in numerous juried shows and exhibitions.

His watercolor style has commonly been described as realistic, bold, imbued with deep sensitivity, sincerity and feeling, and fairly representative of the Brandywine School of art.

  Tom's subject matters are broad and varied, with a common focus on strong light and shadow. Mr. Newnam's paintings hang world wide, thanks to his prolific commission work for big corporations.

  Now days, grandpa Tom spends his time in York, Pa. relaxing, enjoying family time, painting, writing, and loving being around his horses. And thanking God every day that he has truly followed his heart.

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